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Sunday, July 30, 2006

G6 Lite (4Gbit English Version) is in Stock !!

G6 Lite (4Gbit English Version) is in Stock, we only got 10 pcs, please order quick.
We have also dropped price of M3 miniSD and M3 slim SD, the new price will be AU$99 for both of them.

Below is the link of the items:

G6 Lite (4Gbit English Version) AU$ 119
M3 MiniSD AU$ 99
M3 Slim SD AU$ 99

Saturday, July 29, 2006

We have dropped the price of EZFlash Cards!!

The cheapest NDS Flash Card: EWin2 !!

We have brouhgt two new member to our store, Ewin2 MiniSD version and Ewin2 Lite(MicroSD version).They are the cheapest NDS flash card on the market and 100% compatible for all NDS games. However, Ewin2 is design for NDS machine only, IT NOT ABLE TO PLAY GBA ROMS.

Ewin2 Feature:

1. Compatible with all NDS/NDS Lite version;

2. Support Win98/Win2000/WinXP

3. Support Memory from upto 1GB

4. 100% comatible for all NDS games.test the NDS games all pass!!

5. buildin cell battery,saving game directly to it

Ewin2 MiniSD version:

Ewin2 Lite (MicroSD version):

You can order it here:
Ewin2 MiniSD Version AU$35
Ewin2 Lite(MicroSD Version) AU$42

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Supercard Lite will be in store by the end of this week.

The Supercard Lite will be in our store by the end of this week, we only got 20 Pcs, please order quick. We are sorry about the small stock.

Pre-Order Link:

SuperCard Lite(MicroSD Version)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Supercard Lite(MicroSD version) will be released soon!!

The SuperCard Team going to release Supercard Lite soon, below is the main feature of Supercard Lite:

1. Use MicroSD Flash.
2. Can be insert into NDSL GBA slot without any stick out.
3. High Speed than SuperCard MiniSD and SuperCard SD version,
running DS game almost whithout any break when using high
speed MicroSD Flash.

Pre-Order is available one week before the stock arrive, the unit
price will be AU$63.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

M3 MiniSD, M3 Slim SD & PassCard 3 is in Stock now!!

M3 MiniSD, M3 Slim SD & PassCard 3 have arrived to our store this morning and it is ready to ship.

For G6 Lite & EZ Flash4 Lite, we are still wating for the news from M3 and EZflash Team. Once they got stock, we will bring them in immediately.