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Saturday, July 29, 2006

The cheapest NDS Flash Card: EWin2 !!

We have brouhgt two new member to our store, Ewin2 MiniSD version and Ewin2 Lite(MicroSD version).They are the cheapest NDS flash card on the market and 100% compatible for all NDS games. However, Ewin2 is design for NDS machine only, IT NOT ABLE TO PLAY GBA ROMS.

Ewin2 Feature:

1. Compatible with all NDS/NDS Lite version;

2. Support Win98/Win2000/WinXP

3. Support Memory from upto 1GB

4. 100% comatible for all NDS games.test the NDS games all pass!!

5. buildin cell battery,saving game directly to it

Ewin2 MiniSD version:

Ewin2 Lite (MicroSD version):

You can order it here:
Ewin2 MiniSD Version AU$35
Ewin2 Lite(MicroSD Version) AU$42


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