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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Clean Rom Flash Card is comming,the Neo2 series !!

Finally , the Cleam Rom Flash Card era is comming, with the great Neo2 series products, we do not need to patch the roms anymore!! Now we can just copy the clean rom into the memory card and start to enjoy the games immediately.

There are 2 products in the Neo2 Series. One is Neo2-TF, which use MicroSD memory card. The other one is Neo2-SD, which able to use SD / Mini-SD(need adaptor) / TF(need adaptor)/MMC ,4 kinds of memory card !! The Neo2 series cards also come with another great feature which is able to act as an universal remote control.

Below are the feature list of the Neo2 series cards:

* Run the NDS clean rom from memory card directly,not need any extra patcher
* Support multi-clean rom
* Build in battery AD monitor
* Build in universal IR remote,can support TV/HiFi/PS2/XBOX,and the remote code is upgradable
* 100% GBA hardware save
* Build in 3 set separate RTC
* Build in 16 bit DMA
* Build in 8Kb inner high-speed buffer
* Build in 2M sram
* Build in 16M flash menu
* Build in 128M Zip RAM,support compressed ROM
* Build in 256M flash memory
* Come with one driver CD
* NEO2-SD support SD / Mini-SD and TF (need SD adapter)/MMC, up to 4GByte
* NEO2-SD support NDS and NDS-lite full serial
* NEO2-SD support NDS games and GBA games
* NEO2-TF support MicroSD(TF)only, up to 1GByte
* NEO2-TF support NDS-lite only
* NEO2-TF support NDS games and GBA games
* Menu upgradable,just run the new menu from TF then can upgrade
* Need MK4-mini work together to reach its best performance.


The SD card plug into NEO2-SD looking,If you use MMC , it will not stick out.


Insert Neo2-TF into NDS Lite look

The Neo2 series cards will be in stock by the end of this week and you are able to order them at the link below.

Neo2-TF AU$55

Neo2-SD AU$49

Mk4-Mini AU$29


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