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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The explaination of swaping the Sandisk MicroSD memory card To Kingston.

Dear Customers:

Due to reason of change memory card supplier, we have started to ship Kingston MicroSD memory card instead of Sandisk.We are truly sorry for the delay of updating the description on our website which cause the problem of misleading our customers.
We will take full resposibilty of this problem. Therefore, for any customer who do not satisfy with the Kingston memory card, you can return the card
to us and we will issue the full refund to you and we will also pay for the returning shipping charge.

PS: The Kington Memory card that we sell is 100% genuine and come with life time manufacture warranty, which Sandisk provide 5 years manufacture warranty only.

BambooGaming Team


  • At September 26, 2006 9:43 PM, Blogger Shtonkalot said…

    I received the Kingston Micro-SD cards instead of the Sandisk. I'm actually fairly happy about it. My reasoning is that I already owned a 1GB Sandisk Micro-SD and it does not perform as well as the Kingston cards.

    I tested this in both my new DS-Link and my EZ4-Lite by running the Castlevania intro movie.

    So yeah, I think they should have told everyone what they where getting, but if you have a Kingston and not a Sandisk check it out, it may be better. Certainly was in my case.


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